Puerto Rico Lottery numbers, results 😉 😉

About the Puerto Rico Lottery

In 1934, the Lotería Tradicional de Puerto Rico was introduced, making it the oldest contemporary lottery in the United States.

In the present day, this lottery presents a lineup of five state games, along with the opportunity to participate in multi-state Powerball draws. The games Loto Cash and Revanchax2 are interconnected—participation in Revanchax2 necessitates involvement in Loto Cash. If you don't secure a Loto Cash win, you still stand a chance to win a prize with Revanchax2.

The revenue generated from the Puerto Rico Lottery contributes to the central government, which utilizes the funds to support programs benefiting education, senior citizens, housing, and other noteworthy causes.

  • Which lottery games are available for play in Puerto Rico?

    Puerto Rico provides a range of lottery options, encompassing instant win games as well as draw games like Powerball, Loto Cash, Revanchax2, Pega 2, Pega 3, and Pega 4.
  • How are Puerto Rico Lottery funds allocated?

    The revenue from the lottery is directed to Puerto Rico's general fund, playing a pivotal role in supporting various programs encompassing education, environmental conservation, healthcare, and initiatives geared towards overall well-being.
  • Is it possible to keep my identity private upon winning a lottery prize?

    In Puerto Rico, the law safeguards the identities of lottery winners, including those who win Powerball prizes.
  • What is the minimum age for participation in the Puerto Rico Lottery?

    Individuals need to be at least 18 years old to buy and claim lottery tickets in Puerto Rico.
  • What's the timeframe for claiming my lottery winnings?

    You have a window of 180 days from the drawing date to collect your lottery prize.
  • Are Puerto Rico Lottery prizes subject to taxes?

    In Puerto Rico, lottery prizes are exempt from income taxes. However, all winnings are subject to a specific tax rate that varies between 5% and 20% of the prize amount.
  • Is it possible to purchase lottery tickets beforehand?

    Indeed, you can buy lottery tickets for a sequence of consecutive draws, with the option to plan up to three months ahead.
  • What should I do if my ticket gets lost, damaged, or stolen?

    The Puerto Rico Lottery cannot be held accountable for tickets that are lost, damaged, or stolen. It's crucial to keep your tickets secure. By signing the ticket, you provide evidence of ownership in case it goes missing.
  • Is it feasible to buy tickets via phone, online, or mail?

    No, the purchase of lottery tickets is limited to authorized lottery retailers in Puerto Rico.

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