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About the Montana Lottery

In 1986, the Montana Lottery was greenlit by its residents.

Beginning in 1987, tickets became available, with over a thousand vendors introducing the Pot of Gold—a scratch game priced at $1. By 1989, Montana was participating in Lotto America, which eventually transitioned to Powerball by 1992. Montana Cash ticket sales commenced in May 1991, and by 2010, Montanans could also purchase Mega Millions tickets.

Originally, the lottery's earnings were channeled towards reducing property taxes. However, in 1994, state authorities decided to allocate these funds to the state's general coffers.

  • How should I proceed if my ticket goes missing, gets damaged, or is taken?

    The Montana Lottery doesn't assume liability for tickets that are misplaced, harmed, or pilfered. It's vital to store tickets securely. Affixing your signature on the ticket assists in verifying its ownership should it get misplaced.
  • What is the minimum age to participate in the Montana Lottery?

    To buy or claim lottery tickets, you need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Is it possible to keep my identity confidential if I win a prize?

    Yes, your name will not be disclosed publicly unless you give consent. Nonetheless, certain details about the win, such as the date of the draw, winning amount, location of the retailer where the ticket was purchased, the game you played, and the city you reside in, may be released.
  • How are Montana Lottery proceeds utilized?

    The revenue from Montana Lottery ticket sales is directed towards multiple state programs and projects. The allocation of these funds is determined by the state's legislature.
  • Is it possible to buy tickets via mail, online, or phone?

    No, tickets must be purchased from an authorized lottery retailer.
  • Which lottery games are available to play in Montana?

    Montana offers a selection of lottery games, including Powerball, Lotto America, Lucky for Life, Montana Cash, Mega Millions, and Big Sky Bonus.
  • Do Montana Lottery winnings come with taxes?

    Yes, lottery winnings in Montana are subject to both state and federal taxes. Additionally, the Montana Lottery withholds a portion of specific winnings for tax purposes. For an in-depth understanding, please refer to our Tax Information section.
  • What's the timeframe to claim my lottery prize?

    You're given half a year, or 6 months from the drawing date, to collect your lottery winnings.

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