Indiana Lottery: Results & Winning numbers ✌️ ✌️

About the Indiana Lottery

In 1988, the Indiana Lottery, commonly known as the Hoosier Lottery, received the green light from voters. By 1989, they introduced scratch-off games to the public.

That same year, the television show "Hoosier Millionaire" made its debut, continuing its run until 2005. The state became a part of Lotto America (which later evolved into Powerball) in 1990 and began offering Mega Millions tickets two decades later in 2010.

The revenue generated from the Indiana Lottery primarily supports pensions for Indiana's firefighters and police personnel, in addition to funding infrastructure projects and ensuring the retirement benefits for teachers.

  • What's the duration to claim my lottery prize?

    From the drawing date, you're granted a window of 180 days to collect your lottery prize.
  • Is it possible to purchase lottery tickets for future draws?

    Indeed, you can secure tickets for upcoming consecutive draws. The number of draws you can purchase in advance varies based on the game.
  • Which lottery games are accessible in Indiana?

    In Indiana, lottery enthusiasts can engage in a variety of both state-specific and multi-state games. The options encompass Cash4Life, Hoosier Lotto, Daily 3, Daily 4, Cash POP, Quick Draw, Cash 5, Powerball, and Mega Millions.
  • What's the minimum age requirement to participate in the Indiana Lottery?

    Individuals need to be at least 18 years of age to buy lottery tickets and claim their prizes in Indiana.
  • Is there a tax on Indiana Lottery winnings?

    Yes, in Indiana, lottery prizes are subjected to state and federal tax obligations. For prizes exceeding $1,200, the Hoosier Lottery deducts state taxes, and for those surpassing $4,999, federal taxes are withheld. For a comprehensive understanding, please refer to our Tax Information section.
  • Is my identity disclosed if I secure a lottery prize in Indiana?

    In Indiana, if you win, your name, the date of the draw, the prize amount, and your place of residence are made public by the Indiana Lottery. If privacy is a concern, especially for substantial winnings, it's advisable to seek guidance from legal or financial professionals. Claiming your prize via a trust might be a potential avenue to maintain some level of anonymity.
  • What should I do if my prize-winning ticket gets ruined, misplaced, or taken?

    The Indiana Lottery does not take responsibility for tickets that are lost, compromised, or pilfered. It's vital to store your tickets securely. Placing your signature on the ticket can serve as evidence of your ownership should it go missing.
  • Is it possible to acquire Indiana Lottery tickets via mail, phone, or the internet?

    Tickets are exclusively available for purchase from authorized retailers or via the Hoosier Lottery application, and not through mail, phone, or online platforms.
  • How are the proceeds from the Indiana Lottery utilized?

    The revenue generated from the lottery ticket sales is channeled towards supporting teachers' retirement benefits, infrastructure projects, and the pension plans of police and firefighters.

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