Colorado Lottery numbers, results 👌😏

Colorado Lottery

The Colorado Lottery was initiated in 1983, with its inaugural draw on April 23. Operating as a self-sustaining entity, it derives its operational funds exclusively from its commercial earnings. Proceeds from ticket sales by the Colorado Lottery are dedicated to the enhancement of the state's recreational amenities and the conservation of its natural landscapes.

  • What should I do if my ticket goes missing or gets stolen?

    Once a ticket is lost, it cannot be retrieved. To secure your ticket, sign the back and provide your address. Without the actual winning ticket in hand, you won't be able to claim any prizes.
  • Is it possible to stay anonymous after winning a lottery reward?

    Upon securing a prize, the Colorado Lottery will display your first name and the initial of your surname on their website. Opting for a photo is up to you. Please note that the Colorado Lottery only acknowledges individuals as prize winners, not trusts, partnerships, or corporations.
  • Is it possible to buy tickets through mail or over the phone?

    Unfortunately, the only legitimate way to buy Colorado Lottery tickets is at designated state sales points. The Colorado Lottery does not provide options for online purchases or mail-in subscriptions.
  • What's the age requirement to participate in the Colorado lottery?

    To partake in the lottery, individuals must be at least 18 years old. That said, you can buy tickets for those below 18 as presents. Should they have a winning ticket, they're eligible to claim the reward.
  • Where are the proceeds from the Colorado Lottery channeled?

    The revenue generated from Colorado Lottery tickets not only goes towards awarding prizes but also supports conservation and recreational projects. Beneficiaries include Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Great Outdoors Colorado (with any additional funds directed to the Building Excellent Schools Today initiative), and the Conservation Trust Fund.
  • Which lottery games are available for participation in Colorado?

    In Colorado, players have the options of Lucky for Life, Cash 5, Colorado Lotto+, Pick 3, Mega Millions, and Powerball.
  • Within what time frame should I claim my lottery winnings?

    Winners have a period of 180 days from the drawing date to collect their prizes from the Colorado Lottery.
  • Do I have to pay taxes on Colorado Lottery winnings?

    Yes, in Colorado, lottery prizes are subjected to both state and federal tax obligations.
  • Is it possible to purchase lottery tickets for future draws?

    Certainly, the Advance Play feature allows you to buy tickets ahead of time for multiple consecutive draws via authorized sellers. Simply mark the Advance Play section on your ticket slip and inform the retailer about the number of draws you wish to participate in.

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